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As the world adjusted to the restrictions enforced upon us as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the fellowship that being part of a group such as BCB became very much more difficult yet even more important.  We, as many others did, turned to the use of online tools such as Zoom as a way of keeping in contact with each other remotely to try and maintain those relationships that are such an important part of our fellowship and ministry.

The Zoom calls evolved a lot over the course of the pandemic and included features such as:

  • Online quizzes

  • Home practice advice

  • Solo slots for the younger members of our corps

  • Favourite pieces

  • World Cups of Marches, Devotional Pieces, Major Works and Christmas carols

  • Devotional sections

We were also lucky to have a number of special guests in 2 seperate features we called 'Fill the world with music' and Beyond the score'.  These guests were generous enough to give up their time to share their experiences, expertise and faith and were a great encouragement to us all at BCB. 

Although we were grateful when restrictions were relaxed enough to allow us to meet again in person, we are thankful that we were able to share in fellowship in this way and maintain a level of contact with the members of our band and the wider band community that may otherwise have been impossible.

BCB Fill the world with Music.jpeg
BCB Beyond the Score.jpg
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