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Birmingham Citadel Band was delighted to be involved in the West Midlands Divisional Celebration 2013.  “God’s People in Celebration” was led by friends of the band Lt. Col. Anthony and Gill Cotterill which made it all the more special for the band as they renewed acquaintance with Anthony just 2 years after he accompanied the band in the tour to Canada.


Sadly, due to the International Staff Band being in Wales that weekend, BCB were without four of it’s members including the Bandmaster.  Deputy Bandmaster Mark Sharman did a first class job with the band as they featured a variety of music throughout the evening.


Also featured on the evening was the Divisional Youth Chorus, Nexus.  The band played “Power of the Cross” (Sharman) and “The Great Celebration” (Cordner) as well as ‘crowd pleasers’ like Stephen Bulla’s “Lift Up Your Voice”.



Photograph:  Graham Daff
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