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Mark Sharman arrived at the Citadel in January 1979 and is currently Deputy Bandmaster of Birmingham Citadel Band as well as being its Principal Trombone.  He is also a member of the Household Troops Band and the Vision Brass Ensemble.


Mark has served as a Brass Instructor at the Salvation Army’s Summer School in the North of Scotland as well as being a member of the West Midlands Divisional School’s staff.


As well as being Deputy Bandmaster of Birmingham Citadel Band, he is also the West Midlands Divisional Youth Bandmaster.


Mark is currently studying to become an accountant.

Family: Wife (Laura), Sons (Kieran and Jacob), Daughter (Abigail)

Current Employment: Finance Clerk for global Law firm

Hobbies: Football (Rotherham Utd.) and playing the Trombone.....not at the same time!!

Favourite Food: Steak Pie, Chips and Gravy

Favourite Film: The Rock

Favourite Band Piece: Light of the World and Resurgam

This I Know (T. Camsey) 

Soloist: Mark Sharman

Robert O’Connor came to Birmingham Citadel from the Sparkhill corps in 1986.  He plays Trombone in Birmingham Citadel Band and has previously been Principal Trombone for a number of years.  He is currently Assistant Band Sergeant.


Robert currently sings in Birmingham Citadel Songsters and has recently enjoyed a spell as Corps Youth Secretary.

Family: Wife (Alison), Children (Lauren and Jamie)

Current Employment: IT Analyst with a Financial Services Company

Hobbies: Football (West Bromwich Albion), Motorsports, Holidays abroad, going to the Gym

Favourite Food: Steak and Chips, Chinese or Pizza Hut

Favourite Film:  Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Star Wars or the God Father Trilogy

Favourite Band Piece: To the Chief Musician and Montreal Citadel

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