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Talitha joined Birmingham Citadel Band in 2016 having come to Birmingham to work.  Previous to that Talitha was reading Theology at Durham University and soldiering at Sherburn Hill Salvation Army. Her home corps is Stockton.

Family: My parents live in the north east and attend Darlington Citadel. My brother is currently studying Biochemical pharmaceutical studies at Sunderland University and my fiance, a lifelong Anglican, is a Civil Service Accountant in the North.

Current Employment: Primary School teacher

Hobbies: Music, walking in the countryside, working on the family small holding and watching classic films.

Favourite Food: this is a hard one!  Today, it’s probably lasagna.

Favourite Film: “The King and I” or “Casablanca”

Favourite Band Piece: “In Perfect Peace”

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Bio to follow.

Barry Sears transferred to Birmingham Citadel in May 2012 from Nuneaton Corps.

Prior to the 8 years at Nuneaton, he had spent many years at both Blackheath Corps and 

Dudley Corps.


Barry was also a member of The West Midlands Fellowship Band of the Salvation Army.


Barry has been married to Ruth for 33 years.


Family: Wife (Ruth), Daughter (Lydia) and Son (Peter).

Current employment: Sales Coordinator for a Bright Bar Steel Company.

Hobbies: Football, Season ticket holder at Birmingham City.

Favourite Food: Steak and Chips.

Favourite Film: No film stands out, I normally fall asleep.

Favourite Band Pieces: The Light of The World and Breathe.

Atwell Chasi joined Birmingham Citadel Band in 2016.


Current employment: 


Favourite Food: 

Favourite Film:

Favourite Band Pieces: 

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Bio to follow.

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Peguy Moki grew up in Kinshasa which is the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). She is the daughter of Salvation Army officers and the first born of 4 children.  Her parents are still serving SA officers. She played in the band since she was 15 years old and was the first female to ever play on Solo Cornet back in the DRC, although she has been unable to play the cornet for the past 20 years! 


Peguy writes: “I can now thank the bandmaster and deputy bandmaster who encouraged  me to play as now I am enjoying playing with the lads.  It's very hard but I can only ask for people's support and prayers.  My favourite moment is when I sit and play with my daughter in the band,  it is very magical!!”


Peguy studied French at University and gained a PHD.  She arrived at Birmingham Citadel in 2003 after the loss of her first child and her husband.  After arriving as a refugee she worked for the social services at Birmingham City Council and then decided to go back to study for a nursing degree at University of Wolverhampton.  She now works as a district nurse in Sandwell.


Family: Daughter (Megane) and my Grandmother also lives with us

Current Employment: A District Nurse in the borough of Sandwell


Favourite Food: Steak (well done), mashed potatoes and peas with gravy...yummy!!!

Favourite Film: Evan Almighty

Favourite Band Piece: Flashpoint

Amanda joined the band in November 2015.  Shereturned to the Salvation Army to worship after a number of years.


Amanda grew up at Birmingham Citadel Corps and was a member of the Citadel YP Band and Singing Company.


Family: Children: Krystian, Denison, Jacob and Dylan

Current Employment:  Medical Receptionist

Hobbies:  Reading and spending time with my family

Favourite Food: Lasagne

Favourite Film:  Notting Hill

Favourite Band Piece: “Amazing Grace” (William Himes)

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