Martyn Pearce is the son of Salvation Army Officers and arrived at Birmingham Citadel in July 1975.  His parents were, for a time, Corps Officers at Birmingham Citadel.  Martyn has two sons, both of whom have played Solo Cornet in the band.  Martyn’s youngest son Jonathan, is currently BCB’s Assistant Band Secretary.


Martyn has held the position of Principal Baritone for a number of years and has, in the past, been Birmingham Citadel Band Secretary.


Within the corps Martyn has had until recently the huge responsibility of holding the position of Corps Sergeant Major.

Family: Sons (Alex and Jonathan)

Current Employment: Director of a Career Management Company

Hobbies: Sport......particularly Football, Cricket and Golf

Favourite Food: Italian

Favourite Film: The Departed, Where Eagles Dare, Capricorn One

Favourite Band Piece: The Lord is King! and The Shadow of the Cross