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Graham William Lamplough was born on 11th October 1949 to Salvationist parents William and Jean Lamplough.  The eldest of two brothers, Graham was born in Burslem, one of the six towns that were amalgamated to form the current city of Stoke-on-Trent. 


His early musical education was provided by the Salvation Army, but the inspiration for music making certainly came from his family.  His father, Bill, was a fine Euphonium soloist and was undoubtedly the inspiration for his choice of instrument.  His mother, Jean, was an outstanding vocal soloist known throughout the Salvation Army.  Graham progressed through the Junior Band at the Tunstall Citadel before becoming Assistant Principal Euphonium in the senior band to his father.  His leadership qualities were also identified and he was appointed Junior Band leader.  In his late teens Graham attended the National School of Music at Tilney Hall. One of Graham’s proudest moments was, without doubt, his time as Principal Euphonium of the A Band. 

Salvation Army National School of Music “A Band” with Leslie Condon.  (Graham Lamplough as Principal Euphonium)

After 20 years at the Chesterton corps, Graham and his family transferred to Birmingham Citadel in 1998 where he took his place in the Euphonium section and, to keep the balance of playing and conducting, he accepted the position of Deputy Bandmaster a few years later. He also spent 10 years playing Euphonium in the Salvation Army Brass Ensemble, Vision Brass, travelling around the country and recording two CDs. 

Vision Brass Ensemble with Graham Lamplough (Euphonium)

Bandmaster Lamplough’s recent health concerns brought a hugely successful five year period as Bandmaster of the Birmingham Citadel Band to a premature end in May 2011, and ended a 26 year incumbency spanning five decades.  Since being commissioned as Bandmaster in the 1970‘s at the Chesterton Corps in Stoke-on-Trent, BM Lamplough has become renowned for his band training and creative programming.  Whether it be with the Band at the West Midlands (Birmingham) Divisional Music School for over 10 years in the 1980’s/90’s, the West Midlands Divisional Youth Band in the 1990’s or, more recently, the Birmingham Citadel Band, BM Lamplough has always endeavoured to promote the relevance of the Brass Band in today’s society. He looked to balance the traditions and heritage of Salvation Army Brass Banding he so loved with new innovations which will reach out and touch the lives of “new” audiences.  For those under his direction his intellectual musicianship and strong Christian example was always an inspiration.  The legacy he leaves with hundreds of bandsmen is one that will benefit Salvation Army Brass Bands for generations.

BM GW Lamplough with BCB at Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Recent highlights with Birmingham Citadel Band have included two CD’s (Spirit of Joyand Seasons in Splendour), twice-annual performances at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall, away weekends, numerous evening Festivals, Radio Broadcasts, the conception of this Website and, of course, he masterminded the Tour to Canada at Easter 2011 which, due to ill health, he was unable to be part of.  But this did not halt his drive and determination to prepare the band fully and even wave the coach off as it departed Birmingham.  This was perhaps his greatest asset - selflessness.  So many times he preached “the sum is greater than its parts” and this was never better displayed than in the months leading up to the tour.  Graham loved Salvation Army Banding, he loved Birmingham Citadel Band and he epitomised the Band’s motto: “the best is yet to be”. 

BM G.W. Lamplough and BCB - 2009

The thousands of well wishes and latterly messages of condolence and tribute from all over the world are testament to the impact that this man has had.  Messages from all over the UK and from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, the Netherlands and even Africa meant that his Christian faith influenced many hundreds of people, even during his ill health. 


Bandmaster Graham W. Lamplough we salute you, and applaud you for your service to Salvation Army banding and your fine Christian example.  Servant of God, well done!

Bandmaster (R) Graham W. Lamplough

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