Birmingham Citadel Band is made up of members of the Birmingham Citadel Church.  These members cover a wide range of age groups, experience and careers.  If you'd like to learn more about the members of BCB, please use the links below.

Oliver Ridley (Assistant Band Secretary)

Matthew Frost (Assistant Band Sergeant)

Ian Kershaw (Band Sergeant)

Harry Browning

Nicola Redhead

Stuart Snaith

Rebekka Dickinson

Megane Moki

Josie Lamplough

Talitha Ruddock (Assistant Band Sergeant)

Derek Burnham

Vic Kennedy

Barry Sears

Pegguy Moki

Artwell Chasi

Karen Farmer

Gavin R. Lamplough

Neil Blessett

Andrew Dickinson

Marc Richardson (Media Secretary)

Abbie Saunders

Paul Meredith

Martyn Evans

Amanda Clayton

David Taylor

Craig Hughes

David McKee

Cameron Burrows

William Neeve

Martyn Pearce

Andrew Clampton

Lauren Blessett

Ian Dixon

Ben Mateta

Mark Sharman (Deputy Bandmaster)

Robert O’Connor

John Sharman

Keith Watts

Matthew Mynott (Band Secretary)

Edward Dixon

David Richardson (Band Librarian)

Krystian Clayton

Darren Selby

David Mynott

Scott Jennings

Timothy Farmer

Robert Hayward

Callum White

Christian Burnham

In addition to the playing personnel of the band, we acknowledge the support of Lynne Mansfield, Graham Daff and Marc Richardson.  These members of the band offer technical support by way of multi-media, transport and photography.  Their willingness to assist in this way is greatly appreciated.  We are also appreciative of the support former Bandsman Alex Pearce provides in regard to this website.

Tribute to Bandmaster Bram Williams

Tribute to Bandmaster Graham Lamplough