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Birmingham Citadel Band toured Switzerland from Friday 27th May to Wednesday 1st June 2016.  Check out the daily pages below to see:

  • Highlights videos of each day

  • The daily blog to find out what we’ve been up to written by various members of the band  (Thanks to Oliver Ridley for organising this)

  • The daily Bible Studies prepared by Major Steve White who accompanied us on the tour

We hope you find these pages useful and informative.

Video slideshow of images taken on Tour.

BCB 2016 Tour Bible Study Notes


We would invite you not only follow our progress on this tour by looking at photographs and reading “diary entries”, but we would also encourage you to share in our Bible Study material.  Simply click on the day (i.e. “Day One”) to read the study for that day.


Major Steve White writes.....


The body of Christ is the theme of our daily Bible studies for the Swiss Tour and comes from the inspiration of the music Corpus Christi which means the body of Christ. This piece of music is one of the major works we will play during the tour. In the next few days we are going to unpack what it means to be part of the body of Christ as individuals, in the groups to which we belong and how this can impact the wider church.


Each day we will read a passage, reflect on it through some prepared questions and then respond by answering the question “how will I live differently as a result of what I have discovered today?”.


We welcome those members of the body who will join us via our website to share in our studies together.


Each day there is a set of notes to aid some study – there are some pictures and some questions for you to grapple with.

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