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Darren Selby is a 4th generation Salvationist and was born in Wellington, New Zealand.  Although born overseas, Darren spent much of his young life living in the North East in South Shields.


Darren transferred to Birmingham Citadel in 1998.  He is currently Corps Sergeant Major at Birmingham Citadel and is Birmingham Citadel Band’s Principal Bb Bass.  He has also travelled to Germany on a number of occasions to play with the German Staff Band as guest Principal Bb Bass.


He is an active guy who is a keen footballer and has completed the London Marathon.

Family: Wife (Rhiannon) Children (William, Annabelle and Caitlin)

Current Employment: Accountant

Hobbies: Any Sport

Favourite Food: Curry

Favourite Film: Top Gun

Favourite Band Piece: Light of the World

David has been a member of Birmingham Citadel Band and for many years was the Junior Band leader.  During this time he nurtured the talents of many of the current members of the Birmingham Citadel Band.  For much of his time in BCB David has played tuba (mostly Bb Bass).  David also plays tuba with the Langley Band having previously played with Jaguar (Coventry) and Sovereign Brass.


David spent a number of years on the staff of the Salvation Army’s West Midlands Divisional Music School course.  Within our corps David sings in the Songsters and worships each week at the Citadel with his wife Audrey.

Family: Wife (Audrey), Son (Matthew), Daughter (Claire), Grandchildren (Sophie and Callum)

Current Employment: Sales Manager (Office Supplies)

Hobbies: Band Contesting and supporting Aston Villa and Brentford

Favourite Food: Chinese

Favourite Film: Lord of the Rings (Trilogy)

Favourite Band Piece: Journey into Freedom

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