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As restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic began to be relaxed, it became possible, with all necessary precautions in place, for BCB to start to meet together again in person.  After over 12 months away, and with a number of restrictions still in place, it was certainly not 'business as usual', but BCB is a special fellowship and it was great to be able to meet together once again and to prepare music that would be used in God's ministry through the playing of the band.

Below are a few photos and videos of the first few rehearsals back, as a reminder of how much had changed as a result of the global pandemic but that BCB, like so many other groups, were determined to return to what they love for the extension of God's kingdom.

BCB Covid rehearsals 1
BCB Covid rehearsals 2
BCB Covid rehearsals 3
BCB Covid rehearsals 4

“All Creatures Praise” (Steve Ponsford)

“It's coming home” (Gavin Lamplough)

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