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John Dickinson plays 1st Cornet in Birmingham Citadel having previously played Solo Cornet for many years.


He is an experienced Salvation Army musician who served for a time as Bandmaster in the North East of England.  He came to Birmingham Citadel from the Newcastle Temple corps.


Current Employment:


Favourite Food:

Favourite Film:

Favourite Band Piece:

Rebekka joined Birmingham Citadel Band in 2016 having moved to Birmingham from her native Germany.  

Family: Andrew (husband) plus extended family in the UK, parents (Ute & Achim) and sister (Ricarda) in Germany

Current Employment: HR Professional, Sandvik Holdings Ltd 

Hobbies: Ballet dancing, visiting National Trust places

Favourite Food: Afternoon Tea (England), Mettbroetchen (Germany)

Favourite Film: Neil Gaiman's "Stardust"

Favourite Band Piece: "O Magnum Mysterium" (Lauridsen)

Victor Kennedy is a product of the Oldpark Corps in the Ireland Division.  Sadly the corps no longer exists.  He worked for Lucas before entering the Salvation Army’s Training College for Officers in 1972.


Along with his wife Miriam, Vic has been the Corps Officer (Minister) at Lerwick, Belfast North, York Citadel and Birmingham Citadel.  They also served on Divisional Headquarters in Ireland, Central North and latterly in West Scotland where they were the Divisional Leaders.  They also fulfilled a year appointment at the William Booth College.


Vic joined BCB in January 2012 when he and Miriam returned to Birmingham to enjoy their retirement.


Family: Wife - Miriam

Current Employment: Retired Salvation Army Officer

Hobbies: Gardening and Walking

Favourite Food: Homemade soup

Favourite Film: The King’s Speech

Favourite Band Piece: Light of the World

Paul Meredith transferred to Birmingham Citadel in July 2006 from the Staines corps.  As well as playing horn in the Birmingham Citadel Band since January 2007, Paul was also recently made Corps Secretary at Birmingham Citadel having previously been Band Sergeant for the Junior Band.


Professionally Paul works for HSBC as a Sales Manager within the Structured Asset Finance business.


Family: Wife (Jo), Step Sons (John, James and Joseph)

Current Employment: Sales Manager within HSBC’s Structured Asset Finance Business

Hobbies: Walking, Cycling, Gardening, Supporting Tottenham Hotspur

Favourite Food:

Favourite Film: Ben-Hur

Favourite Band Piece: Songs in Exile

Martyn Pearce is the son of Salvation Army Officers and arrived at Birmingham Citadel in July 1975.  His parents were, for a time, Corps Officers at Birmingham Citadel.  Martyn has two sons, both of whom have played Solo Cornet in the band.  Martyn’s youngest son Jonathan, is currently BCB’s Assistant Band Secretary.


Martyn has held the position of Principal Baritone for a number of years and has, in the past, been Birmingham Citadel Band Secretary.


Within the corps Martyn has had until recently the huge responsibility of holding the position of Corps Sergeant Major.

Family: Sons (Alex and Jonathan)

Current Employment: Director of a Career Management Company

Hobbies: Sport......particularly Football, Cricket and Golf

Favourite Food: Italian

Favourite Film: The Departed, Where Eagles Dare, Capricorn One

Favourite Band Piece: The Lord is King! and The Shadow of the Cross

Timothy Farmer grew up at Birmingham Citadel and is a product of the Birmingham Citadel Junior Band.  Originally a Cornet player, Tim started to play percussion in his teens.  He studied percussion at the Birmingham Conservatoire, graduating with a BMus(Hons), and now works as a freelance musician and teacher.


Tim is an experienced percussionist and works with Orchestra of the Swan and the English Symphony Orchestra as well as theatre work with touring productions and at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon.


In the Army world Tim has played for the Household Troops and is a member of Vision Brass Ensemble.


Family: Wife (Karen), Daughters (Ellen and Lillian), Roland Poly and Pudding the biggest cats in the UK!

Current Employment: Freelance Musician

Hobbies:  Football (Walsall FC), Cricket (saw all 5 days of the Ashes Edgbaston Test!), Working, Eating

Favourite Food: Anything that is served in a large portion!

Favourite Film: The Birdcage

Favourite Band Piece:  Wonderful Healer

Nicola Redhead transferred to Birmingham Citadel in 2011 from the Blackburn Corps.  A teacher by profession, Nicola is currently Head Teacher in a secondary school.


As well as being a member of Birmingham Citadel Band Nicola, is also a member of the International Staff Band of the Salvation Army.  She plays Solo Cornet in the ISB and has been a member since the year 2000.

Family: Mum, 2 sisters (I suffer from middle child syndrome) and 2 nieces and 2 nephews.

Current Employment:  Head Teacher in a Secondary school

Hobbies: Sport (playing and watching), traveling, and of course shopping!

Favourite Food: Easter eggs (only Cadbury's will do!) and brown sauce. Not together of course!

Favourite Film: Shawshank Redemption and Sleepers 

Favourite Band Piece: Too difficult to narrow it down to a favourite, but at the risk of being predictable, I enjoy playing and listening to pieces by Leslie Condon, Eric Ball and Dean Goffin.

David Mckee.jpg

A Scot, hailing from Rutherglen, David arrived at Birmingham Citadel in 1992 via Stockton Citadel, Bristol Staple Hill, Bristol Citadel and Leeds Central.  Apart from a year on Solo Horn at Rutherglen, his Senior Band years have been on euphonium.

In business, his breadth and depth of experience in senior management roles and as a Management Consultant spans a diverse range of key UK Central Government Departments, Local Authorities, the National Health Service, FTSE 100 companies, SMEs as well as the Voluntary Sector.

Family: Wife (Barbara), Son (Gordon) Daughter (Alison).
Current Employment: Management Consultant.
Hobbies: No real hobbies, but an interest in photography.  Mmmm – just wondering, does travelling (particularly on cruise ships) count?  If so, that’s my main hobby!
Favourite Food: Roast dinners, but I do believe I could live on pizza and flapjack.  (Dieticians may disagree!)
Favourite Film: Currently, The Greatest Showman; however, Les Misérables (the live musical) surpasses any films I have ever seen.
Favourite Band Piece: As a boy I loved listening to Rutherglen Citadel Band playing the march Dovercourt Citadel – it was the euphonium part that caught my attention.  Today I am privileged to be a part of a superb euphonium section which turns so many pieces into ‘favourites’.  That said, there can only be one REAL favourite – Dean Goffin’s classic, The Light of the World.

Megane 220918.jpg

Bio to follow.

Peguy 220918.jpg

Peguy Moki grew up in Kinshasa which is the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). She is the daughter of Salvation Army officers and the first born of 4 children.  Her parents are still serving SA officers. She played in the band since she was 15 years old and was the first female to ever play on Solo Cornet back in the DRC, although she has been unable to play the cornet for the past 20 years! 


Peguy writes: “I can now thank the bandmaster and deputy bandmaster who encouraged  me to play as now I am enjoying playing with the lads.  It's very hard but I can only ask for people's support and prayers.  My favourite moment is when I sit and play with my daughter in the band,  it is very magical!!”


Peguy studied French at University and gained a PHD.  She arrived at Birmingham Citadel in 2003 after the loss of her first child and her husband.  After arriving as a refugee she worked for the social services at Birmingham City Council and then decided to go back to study for a nursing degree at University of Wolverhampton.  She now works as a district nurse in Sandwell.


Family: Daughter (Megane) and my Grandmother also lives with us

Current Employment: A District Nurse in the borough of Sandwell


Favourite Food: Steak (well done), mashed potatoes and peas with gravy...yummy!!!

Favourite Film: Evan Almighty

Favourite Band Piece: Flashpoint

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