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Daily Blog: David Taylor (Principal Euphonium) writes.....


Wayne’s World!!


After an early start from the Hotel and the essential “Tim Hortons Doughnut House” stop on the way to Coburg we arrived to a greeting from our host that we needed to “hustle our butts” and it was clear that the world of Wayne had taken us in.


After lunch the band, led by Gavin, presented a master class in brass to, what was billed as, all the local school children in the area. The numbers of children being educated in Canada was significantly lower than my first ideas as the audience only consisted of around 10. Though the group was small in number Gavin gave a well rounded presentation, a highlight being a Trumpet solo by our soprano cornet player Daniel Robson, and a tuba solo (“Bare Necessities”) featuring Edward Dixon.  Our final piece, “Reflections in Nature”, was introduced by the composer, Robert Redhead, who then conducted the band.

After our prayer time a Canadian Salvationist proudly shared his testimony with us about saving souls and that if we are preparing for every concert with Christ in mind we need not worry as he has already been blessed. 


The evening concert was held in a beautiful local church starting at precisely 7:17 pm!?! The band were marched in by the local brass band in full mounty gear playing onward christian soldiers. The hall was full to capacity with the majority of the congregation being from a non-army background. The young people who attended the afternoon class came back with many more friends which proves that no matter how few people attend an event you could still be making an impact. 


The program was compered by Robert Redhead who was in attendance and during the program conducted his composition “Reflections in Nature” which was then programmed to be followed by Andrew Blyth’s “Shine Down”, but Colonel Redhead obviously wasn’t a big fan of Bandmaster Blyth’s work as he left the piece out completely, much to the disappointment of Bandmaster Blyth.


The Bands presentation of Easter Glory seemed to have great impact on the congregation and Paul Sharman’s “Psalm of thanks” was received with a standing ovation. Both Gavin Lamplough and Mark Sharman played their solos with great skill and Neil Blessett showed his ability to play a beautiful melody with much musicality.  Another army personality in attendance was Major Len Ballentine, who conducted the band in the stately march “Rosehill”.


At the end of the day on the way to the billets after a great festival I had to think that maybe today was a lesson to never judge a book by its cover as Wayne’s World exceeded all expectations. I might even say it was “Totally Awesome Dude”!    


The Ambassadors

Hymn Tune Arrangement - Colne

Shine Down

Cornet Solo - Song of Exaltation

Trombone Solo - This I Know

Reflections in Nature

Easter Glory

Cong. Song - Crown Him with many Crowns


Just a Closer Walk


Euphonium Solo - Brillante

Horn Solo - Demelza

Crimson Tide

Psalm of Thanks

Three Kings Swing

Irish Blessing

Bible Study

Monday 18 April 

Great and Holy Monday

Anointing of Jesus

Mark 14 v 1-11



There is a similar account of a different event in John’s gospel (Chapter 12) this is recorded just before Palm Sunday. Mark, however, places this event actually in Holy week. Some feel that these are the same events but it is the lessons and principles that these stories reveal that are the critical things. As you read the first two verses of Mark’s account you will see how the intensity and acceleration towards a ‘show down’ is mounting. It’s another ‘It’s Friday, but....’ moment.


To consider

•It was customary to anoint visitors – especially in richer circles.

•Bethany means “House of the Poor” (There will be a prize for the person who can come up with the meaning of “Bethlehem”!).

•Look who Jesus was associating with; Simon the ....

•The perfume was exceptionally expensive and it seems that the whole jar was used. (See v5).

•Judas, the treasurer (NB not all treasurers are bad!) and others are incensed (vv4,5,10,11) at this extravagance.

A John Gowans Poem - Extravagance


Please let me be extravagant

In what I give or do

I want to spend my ‘Everything’

And all my time for you


Not penny-pinching, miserly,

Not keeping strict account;

Investing all I have and then

Forgetting the amount!


If, feeling sorry for myself,

I start to count the cost,

Then I shall be the poorer-

What I’ve gained will all be lost.


O Lord when I begin to stray

From dedication’s track,

Remind me of the way you gave,

And I’ll hold nothing back!



•How extravagant is our giving to the one who was being anointed on this day?

•Jesus said the poor you will always have with you (v7) – which also means you will always be with the poor! Some would say that is the SA’s birthright to be in that place.

•In explaining that the perfume anointed was actually in preparation for his burial, Jesus gave the greatest commendation...... “She did what she could” (v8). This is a massive question – what could be said of us? Remembering that it is not first about doing but being are holding back in any area of our lives?

•Paul gave a short blueprint to discern the will of God for our lives – it is found in Romans 12 vv1 and 2. Can you find and own the three steps that lead to testing and approving what God’s will is? You’ll know what to pray!

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