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Daily Blog: Matthew Mynott (Bass Trombone) writes......


After an exhilarating evening at Cobourg and then rest at the billets, we had an early morning start for a trip into the centre of Toronto to the CN Tower and a chance for some shopping.  It seemed like we were back on the M6 at times as traffic into Toronto seemed like the Birmingham early morning traffic and the Aston Expressway.


After the cold, windy and at times snowy weather, we woke to glorious sunshine which meant some wonderful views across the city of Toronto and Lake Ontario from the CN Tower.  A few decided that the height wasn’t quite for them and even those that went up had to really guide Dave Taylor onto the glass floor.  After a few hours of observing the city and shopping (if the tour guide of David Mynott had remembered where the shopping centre was we may have gained some extra time) we again embarked back onto the coach with our trip to Simcoe. 

After some rehearsal time we were again taken further into holy week with Anthony where we were challenged to put aside anything that could get in the way of living a life with Christ and his full forgiveness.


The programme started with “Shine Down” - this time to make sure it was played, followed by a very personal performance of “Procession to Covenant”.  During rehearsal we were asked as a band to play this following a funeral and there would be members of the family here tonight.  It was played as support to them.


After another fine performance from Gavin playing ‘Song of Exultation’, we were blessed by our trombone section, dressed appropriately in nun’s habits, playing ‘I will follow him’.  Mother Superior certainly beautiful in HIS costume.  The message of Easter was then shared with the folks of Simcoe and they were challenged to join in the journey with us.


The interval provided opportunity to meet members of Simcoe before the band again continued their programme.  Highlights included the many applauses in Dave Taylor’s ‘Brillante’ (although some members of the band believe this was to make sure he ended the piece) and the personal word of testimony from Paul Meredith.  After ‘Kerygma’ the audience again showed their appreciation with a standing ovation.  Another superb night on our journey in Canada.


Shine Down

Procession to Covenant

The Ambassadors

Cornet Solo - Song of Exultation

Trombone Feature - I Will Follow Him

The Power of the Cross

Easter Glory

Cong. Song - In Christ Alone



Just a Closer Walk

Three Kings Swing

Euphonium Solo - Brillante

Horn Solo - Demelza

The Crimson Tide


The Irish Blessing

Bible Study

Tuesday 19 April 

Great and Holy Tuesday

Matthew 22 vv1-14




There appears to be no obvious event that occurs on Tuesday of Holy week but as you read the Gospels it is obvious that a lot of Jesus’ teaching takes place in this week. John’s Gospel devotes chapters to these few days (Palm Sunday as we know is recorded in chapter 12 which is but half way through the gospel – in other words about half of John’s Gospel is devoted to Holy Week). Similarly Matthew records significant teaching in Holy week. After Palm Sunday you can read parables of the Two Sons (Matthew 21.28), The Tenants (21.33), The Wedding Banquet (22.1), The Ten Virgins (25.1), The Talents (25.14), The Sheep and the Goats (25.31), as well as teaching about Taxes (22.15), Marriage at the Resurrection (22.23), he explains the Greatest Commandment (22.34) in addition to other significant teaching throughout Chapters 22-25.

With the Royal Wedding on the horizon the Parable of the Wedding Banquet is timely – but it makes even more sense when we read the preceding parable about the Tenants (21.33-45). It is all part of the journey towards Calvary and ultimately Easter Sunday – note v38 and 45 and 46 especially


The Parable of the Wedding Banquet indicates the shift to further inclusivity in the Kingdom of God – which as Tony Campolo famously said – ‘The Kingdom of God is a party’ where the invitation goes out to everyone. It is a true picture of ‘Grace’, which we looked at a few Sundays ago where ‘Grace’ is the ‘unmerited favour of God’ – God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.


The last part of the parable (vv11-14) seems pretty harsh. In fact it could be regarded as a separate parable such is its distinctive meaning. Put simply the invitation is ‘come as you are’, but don’t stay as you are! There is to be a change – there has to be a change!


Look up Revelation 7 vv9-17 which describes those who were at the ultimate party!

•What were they wearing?

•Not what they were holding!

•How were their robes washed? In what?



Look up Colossians 3 vv1-17 this, hopefully, resonates with our Palm Sunday study (It’s no longer I that liveth, but Christ) but is very specific about what needs to die and about what sort of clothing we need to put on (vv12-15). Read it slowly and if needs be make intentional decisions to ‘get shot’ of some things and ‘put on’ some other things. These verses will speak very differently to each of us – but you will see that Paul emphasises the question of forgiveness. In the context of the parable of the Wedding Banquet we are advised to take note. Look up the verses immediately after the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6vv9-15).


To ‘forgive’ – is to forgo what is owed to you. In NT Greek the words translated literally mean to ‘let go’, or to ‘loose away’


How tragic it would be for anyone who refuses to wash their robes especially after hearing the invitation...............


They shall come from the east, they shall come from the west

And sit down in the Kingdom of God

Both the rich and the poor, the despised, the distressed

They’ll sit down in the Kingdom of God

And none will ask what they have been

Provided that their robes are clean

They shall come from the east, they shall come from the west

And sit down in the Kingdom of God

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