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Daily Blog: Darren Selby (Bb Bass) writes......

The band were split up in terms of destinations for where we were billeted last night. The majority stayed within a short distance of Owen Sound (the venue for last night’s concert) but 15 of us were very fortunate to travel for an hour further north to the small town of Lion’s Head situated around a Georgian Bay on Lake Huron The picturesque view that I awoke to this morning from the billet’s house was breathtaking overlooking the bay with snow on the ground and bright sunshine for the first time in several days (a winter wonderland) - we took the opportunity to go down onto the beach also. It was clear that our hosts in this area were affluent as was emphasised by the fact that the chap whom we stayed with is a retired American attorney whom

had a few years at congress. As with all our billets the Canadian hospitality has been first class.


The bus collected the 15 of us from a local cafe in the centre of Lion’s Head before travelling back towards Owen Sound to pick up the rest of the bandsman at a (you guessed it) Tim Horton’s establishment. The good feel factor of the morning got even better when we realised Martyn had been sitting there for 3 hours having been dropped off early by his billet due to work commitments.

Overnight it also transpired that Ed and Callum had played the poverty stricken student card very well as their billets provided each of them with 20 dollars to help them survive.


It was good to discover some of the billets originated from God’s country (i.e. South Shields) and a couple of the bandsman stayed with the corp officers of Wiarton (between Owen Sound and Lion’s Head) whom not only lived on a farm but had been in the same post for 17 years (imagine that!).


The morning’s bus journey took us south in the direction of Collingwood. The young guns at the back of the coach passed this time with much laughter by playing ‘I went to the supermarket and bought...’ a game that I play with my 5 year old. I believe the numerous innuendos were adding to the hilarity. They then moved onto ‘Chubby Bunnies’ where Kano made easy work of Dave Taylor, but when Dan took up the challenge, Gavin produced the biggest Marsh Mallows you’ve ever seen.  As he struggled with the third marsh mallow, he began dribbling down his chops - a sight to behold. How we keep ourselves entertained!


On the journey to Collingwood we passed Wasaga Beach (too cold to stop as previously planned) on one side of the main through road and on the other were numerous ski slopes where it costs quarter of million dollars to be a member.


We stopped off in Collingwood, again another town situated  by the lake, for lunch. This was a quaint place with several small shops. As we got back onto the coach Mr Blyth once again made sure of an entry into the clanger nominees for the day as he caked his shoe in dog’s dirt only to proceed onto the bus. John the bus driver spent the next 20 minutes dis-infecting the bus as Andrew took himself off to the local SA hall to begin his own clean up operation. This was another excuse for Dave Taylor to destroy yet another SA toilet on the tour. 


The bus journey further south to Barrie was a very quiet affair as many of us used the opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep and to be honest there isn’t much to report on in the afternoon although Martyn continues to subtly wind Ian Dixon up!  


We arrived at the Georgian Theatre (at the Georgian College) in Barrie at 3.30 and although the sun was shining brightly it was still only 3 degrees. It was then the daily routine of unloading, setting up and running through some of the programme for 20 minutes (i.e. nothing exciting happening) although it is only at this time that we discovered that student Ed had left his toe cap shoes back at his billets in Simcoe on Tuesday evening (he managed to keep this quiet yesterday).  It looks like that 20 dollars already has a need!


It was then a short journey over to Barrie corps where we were once again made to feel welcome and Dave Mynott was reunited with his camera that he left behind in Coburg from Monday evening (Wayne, whom organised Monday’s event, made a some 200 mile round trip for this). After polishing off all the food laid before us (I don’t believe I’ve eaten this much in 1 week before) Anthony took us through the bible study for the day ‘Maundy Thursday’, focusing particularly on the passage John 13 v 1-17 where Jesus washes his disciples’ feet. It was good to see the Barrie corps-folk come alongside us for this teaching.


With time then pressing on it was a quick trip back to the theatre to prepare for the evening festival. Getting changed with the other bandsman always makes me feel a lot better having been worried about increasing my waist line by 2 inches in recent years.


The evening festival was well received by approximately 300   people with one couple having left a foot of snow to travel 100 miles to listen to the message that God had for them through the bands music and images. The four soloists and trombone section did the Citadel proud in their items and James Ord gave an honest and thought provoking testimony.  At the end of the concert people were visibly moved after the playing of “The Irish Blessing”.  As is preferred by Bandmaster Lamplough, we play as we encircle the audience and then have the opportunity to shake hands and offer a blessing to the audience at the end of the concert.  A perfect way to offer a special end to yet another special evening.  People once again commented on what a fabulous night they had enjoyed.  One couple said that they had gone expecting another band concert but left having been blessed, entertained and inspired by the programme and the band’s communication of the Gospel.  Another couple said that they have heard many bands over many years and that our playing was first class but we also have blessed them tremendously and opened up the Easter story in a new and special way which will change their Easter this year.  Five down, two to go.



The Ambassadors

Hymn Tune Arrangement - Colne

Dance of the Comedians

Cornet Solo - Song of Exultation

Trombone Solo - This I Know

Written in Red

Easter Glory

Cong. Song - Thine Be the Glory



Just a Closer Walk

Trombone Feature - I Will Follow Him

Euphonium Solo - Brillante

Horn Solo - Demelza

Crimson Tide

Psalm of Thanks

Three Kings Swing

Irish Blessing

Bible Study

Thursday 21 April

Maundy Thursday

Last Supper


John 13 vv1-17


Maundy Thursday marks four significant events in Holy Week – it commemorates the washing of the disciples feet, the last supper, the agony of Christ in the garden of Gethsemane and although we looked at it yesterday – it is the day that Judas betrayed Jesus. The word ‘Maundy’ actually comes from the Latin word 'Mandatum' meaning commandment.

We have seen already that there is a lot of ‘well known teaching’ that is given in Holy Week. It is pretty crucial, I think we would all agree, to know what, in the opinion of Jesus is the greatest commandment! You can read it in Matthew 22vv34-40 

Now on the evening before his death Jesus gives a new commandment – it is sometimes called the hallmark of Christianity and it makes further sense of our study yesterday. Check out John 13v34 and 35 (especially!)

To consider


‘As I have loved you’ what does that mean? How was that shown? Now would be a good time to read John 13 vv1-17! See how this is reflected in Philippians 2vv1-11. Servanthood was his nature – he just didn’t model it – he couldn’t help it! (Did you see the face of Jesus reflected in the basin?) 


Note the description of Jesus in vv13 and 14 and his agreement!


Six times in the Lord’s supper discourse Jesus tells the disciples what they should be doing for ‘one another’ John 13 v14 and v34 (twice); John 15 vv12 and 17 – soon he was going to show them the ultimate expression of love. It is helpful to recall the context in which these events of his story – were being played out.


What was the feast and supper they were celebrating (John13v1)? To appreciate Good Friday deeply we need to understand Exodus 12vv 1-11 and then John 1 vv29. The Blood of this Lamb would be the means of salvation for the world. A new covenant (agreement/testament) was being made by God and Jesus explained his death by likening his blood to the wine poured out and his body to the bread, broken for us (Luke 22vv14-20).



So let us learn how to serve and in our lives enthrone him;

Each other’s needs to prefer for it is Christ we're serving.


My life must be Christ’s broken bread, my love his out poured wine, a cup o’erfilled, a table spread beneath his name and sign, that other souls refreshed and fed may share his life through mine.

Would you know the peace that Jesus gives? Would you know the joy he bestows? Would you know the strength the sinner receives when his heart the blood o’erflows? Come, without delaying, let us go where the precious fountain springs that can make the sinner white as snow, removing all his sins!

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