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Birmingham Citadel Band has been privileged to record several CDs in recents years and the lovely building of St Michael’s Church in Boldmere  was to be the setting for our latest recording venture. 


As always we were pleased to be ably assisted by Christian Lewis and his technical team and also former Principal Eb Bass of Black Dyke Band Ben Dixon, who was charged with the arduous task of pointing out our mistakes. Once again we were not let down by either party.


The Friday saw the band working extremely hard to record a good chunk of the major work of the cd “Corpus Christi” along with “Make His Praise Glorious” and two of the three soloists that would feature on the CD.  


Saturday once again saw the band work extremely hard and there was some very good playing, ensuring that the retakes were kept to the absolute minimum. The last of the three soloists again equipped themselves admirably. Lunch took the form of a visit to the local fish and chip restaurant where we enjoy friendship and food however, we were not too sure about the fluorescent colour of the mushy peas!


So, well fed, we returned for the final session which again was completed with the minimum of fuss. A well done to the bandmaster for once again picking a programme which will appeal to all and directing us through the recording.  Also well done to the band whose concentration and hard work will lead to a great end product. 


We now entrust our efforts to God and pray that this disc will be a means of blessing and challenge to many who hear it around the world. 


Words:  Neil Blessett
Pictures: Graham Daff
BCB Recording 2016-2
BCB Recording 2016-1
BCB Recording 2016-3
BCB Recording 2016-4
BCB Recording 2016-5
BCB Recording 2016-6
BCB Recording 2016-9
BCB Recording 2016-8
BCB Recording 2016-7
BCB Recording 2016-11
BCB Recording 2016-10
BCB Recording 2016-12
BCB Recording 2016-13
BCB Recording 2016-14
BCB Recording 2016-15
BCB Recording 2016-16
BCB Recording 2016-17
BCB Recording 2016-18
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