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The venue for the visit of the Citadel Band to Tamworth on October 14th was the modern and purpose built Evangelical Church in Comberford Road. The invitation came as a result of a chance meeting with a family who are members of the Church who were once Salvationists in New Zealand.


An appreciative audience of Church members and friends warmly welcomed the band when they commenced the programme with “Light-Bringer” by Martin Cordner. The programme continued with the Band displaying their flair and abilities with a wide variety of music to suit all tastes.

Three  soloists in the band were featured.  Gavin Lamplough (cornet) displayed great aplomb as well as fast fingering with Peter Graham’s “Glorious Ventures” and Mark Sharman (trombone) in more reflective mood played “Concert Piece” by Alexandra Guilmont. To the delight of the audience Robert Hayward displayed amazing dexterity with the humorous xylophone solo “Liszteria” by Sandy Smith.


Brass band enthusiasts had the opportunity to listen to two old favourites Eric Balls “Songs of the Morning” and Morley Calvert’s “Canadian Folk-Song Suite.” More modern pieces included Barrie Gott’s “Light-Walk”, “Round Up” also by Martin Cordner and “In Light we walk” by Stephen Bulla

Music from “The Great Escape”, “The Lion King” and “Phantom of the Opera” were also featured.


The programme was ably compered by Bandmaster Graham Lamplough and members of the band  and included a Thought for Today by  Robert O’Connor.

A fine evening of music and fellowship concluded with a musical benediction in “surround sound” of the hymn tune “Randolph” with the words “God be with you till we meet again.” 

Words: David Newstead
Photographs: Graham Hinsley


March - The Light-bringer (Cordner)

Amazing Grace (Himes)


Songs of the Morning (Ball)

Cornet Solo - Glorious Ventures (Graham) Gavin Lamplough

Trombone Solo - Concert Piece (Guilmant) Mark Sharman

Canadian Folk-Song Suite (Calvert)

Xylophone Solo - Liszteria (Smith) Robert Hayward

Light-Walk (Gott)


Joy, Peace and Happiness (Phillips)

In Light We Walk (Bulla)

The Music of the Night (arr. Himes)

Pause for Thought

Can You Feel the Love Tonight? (arr. Bernaerts)

Round-Up (Cordner)

The Great Escape (arr. Ellerby)

God Be With You (arr. Gordon)

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