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Birmingham Citadel Band made a return visit to Coton Green Church in Tamworth.  This was the fourth visit by the band in recent years and the church rose to the challenge once more with a large expectant crowd gathered for this mid-week visit.


It was an opportunity for the band to feature a few new addition to the repertoire ahead of the forthcoming weekend in Norwich as they featured Trombone soloist Mark Sharman playing Leslie Condon’s imaginative “Song of Exuberance” for the first time and Steven Ponsford’s “High and Lifted Up”.  The band also featured Paul Sharman’s “Everlasting Hope” which was written last month especially for BCB.


It is always a pleasure to visit the Coton Green Church and enjoy the acoustics of this contemporary building as well as the warmth of welcome from the audience.  We hope that we’ll be back again before too long!




1.Fill the World with Glory (Kevin Larsson)

2.Guardian of My Soul (Darren Shaw)

3.Golden Pen (Wilfred Heaton)

4.Tenor Horn Solo: A Time for Peace (Peter Graham) Soloist: Neil Blessett

5.Lift Up Your Voice (Stephen Bulla)

6.Trombone Solo: Song of Exuberance (Leslie Condon) Soloist: Mark Sharman   

7.Resurgam (Eric Ball)


8.High and Lifted Up (Steven Ponsford)

9.Congregational Song – Love Divine

10.Celtic Impressions (Barry)

11.Euphonium Solo: Euphony (Robert Redhead) Soloist: David Taylor

12.Where I Love to Be (Kevin Larsson)

13.Everlasting Hope (Paul Sharman)

14.Fire in the Blood (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)

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