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A promise made by the late B/M Graham Lamplough was fulfilled when Birmingham Citadel Band visited Crewe Citadel.


On an emotive evening and in front of a large, appreciative audience the band presented a varied programme of music which was enthusiastically received by those present.


The four soloists, Neil Blessett - Horn, Mark Sharman - Trombone, David Taylor - Euphonium and Edward Dixon -Tuba, all demonstrated high qualities of musicianship and technical brilliance as well as, in the case of the Tuba solo “Bare Necessities”, a talent for comedy as various members of the band 'deputised ' for the soloist at several points in his performance.


A well balanced programme including some Army 'classics' (“The Kingdom Triumphant”, “Victory for Me” and the more recent “Vitae Aeternum”) and secular music (“The Crimson Tide” from the film of the same name) was faultlessly presented and enhanced throughout by thought provoking and challenging power point presentation.


A superb evening of 'Army' banding at it's very best and one that will live long in the memories of those who attended.


Words: Band Sgt. A. Frost (Crewe Salvation Army)

Photograph: Graham Daff 

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