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A Night At The Proms with Birmingham Citadel Band At Derby Central.

A large crowd gathered at Derby Central for Birmingham Citadel Band’s ‘Night at the Proms’.

In addition to the familiar Proms music, such as “Fantasia on British Sea Songs”, Elgar’s March, “Pomp and Circumstance No.1”, “Rule Britannia” and “Jerusalem”, the band featured music based around the theme, ‘A Night at the Big Top’.

The band relished the chance to play music that it would not normally get to play. Pieces included Fucik’s ‘Entry of the Gladiators’, ‘Come Follow the Band’, ‘The Big Top’, by Paul Lovatt Cooper and ‘The Greatest Showman’ arranged by Paul Murtha.

Band soloists featured were Mark Sharman (trombone), Oliver Ridley (soprano cornet) and David Taylor (Euphonium) with ‘The Acrobat’, ‘Send in the Clowns’ and ‘Benedictus’ respectively.

Stephanie Lamplough was the vocal soloist for the evening and she delighted the audience with her contributions; ‘Never Enough’, ‘Greatest Day’, ‘Forgive Me’ and ‘Climb Every Mountain’’.

After much singing and flag waving, the evening concluded with Bramwell Coles’ classic march, ‘Under Two Flags’ as the Army Flag and the Union Jack processed down the aisles.

John Sharman

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