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Birmingham Citadel Band were delighted to receive an invitation from the Salvation Army Music and Arts Department to participate in The Salvation Army UKI Adult Music Course, providing the evening entertainment on Tuesday night.

Due to it being holiday week in Birmingham, there were quite a few members of the Band away but we couldn’t refuse an invitation to play in front of a group of enthusiastic Salvationist musicians.

The evening took place in a more relaxed and informal setting than many of the band's concerts but was an opportunity for the band to perform some new music and the evening was well-received by all who were present.


1. Prelude on Tallis (Peter Graham)
2. Be Still (Dorothy Gates)
3. Undefeated! (Paul Sharman)
4. Euphonium Solo: Vallflickans Dans (Hugo Alfven; arr. Frode Ryland)
Soloist: David Taylor
5. Any Time (Sam Creamer)
6. Trombone Solo: On the Lighter Side (Paul Sharman)
Soloist: Mark Sharman
7. Water of Tyne (Philip Harper)
8. Risen Today (Marcus Venables)
9. Tenor Horn Solo: King of Kings (Gavin Lamplough)
Soloist: Neil Blessett
10. Glory to His Name (Joel Collier)
11. There is Room (Andrew Mackereth)
12. Aftershock (Martin Cordner)
13. On the King’s Highway (Erik Leidzen)

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