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Karen Farmer was born in Weymouth and on moving to  Bradford-on-Avon as a baby grew up in the Bath Citadel Corps.  She transferred to Birmingham Citadel in 1998.  Karen, a French Horn player at University, now divides her time between teaching music in an independent secondary school in Stafford and two Primary Schools having been a Head of Music in a large Secondary School in Stafford for 14 years.  Prior to being appointed Flugel Horn player in Birmingham Citadel Band, Karen played Tenor Horn.


Karen held the role of YPSM at Birmingham Citadel, being responsible for the weekly activities for our young people before recently taking on the responsibility for the teenagers.  She has done this hugely important job for a number of years now and has an excellent team of children and youth workers for whom she is responsible for.


Karen has featured as Flugel Horn soloist with Birmingham Citadel Band.


Family: Husband (Tim) and Daughters (Ellen and Lilian) and Roland Poly and Pudding - the biggest cats in the UK!

Current Employment: Music Teacher

Hobbies: Going to the Theatre and shopping

Favourite Food: Curry

Favourite Film: Terminator 2 (...says her husband!)

Favourite Band Piece: Festival March Able

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