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Hendon Band visited Birmingham Citadel on 12th and 13th May.  The Band were in excellent form and brought us programmes with high standards of music-making presenting the Gospel through music.

With large audiences on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon and a congregation on Sunday morning requiring extra seats, the Band were certainly popular and many people came in to contact with the Band inside the Army Hall.

Following the morning service both Hendon and Birmingham Citadel Bands joined together with The Citadel Songsters, Timbrels and many members of the Corps to hold an outdoor service in The Bullring in the City Centre. Our meetings in the heart of the city always attract hundreds of passers by and with a huge band and the range of different music styles being used a large crowd gathered once again. This gave us the opportunity to speak to people and talk about our faith and what being a Christian means.

Following this a March back to the Hall filled the streets with music and hundreds of camera phones recording the spectacle.

We had a fantastic weekend with Hendon Band and one to remember for many years to come.

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