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The International Convention Centre in Birmingham was the venue for performance with a difference for Birmingham Citadel Band.  The organisers of a charitable event had invited the band to give a short programme but the evening was much more than that!


BCB are regular visitors to the ICC but to the Symphony Hall rather than the vast space of Hall 3, which accommodates up to 3000 people.  The Band’s first involvement was to sound a Fanfare as the V.I.P.’s entered the room.  A group of Cornet and Trombone players gathered on the balcony to herald the opening of the evening’s entertainment.  The next involvement for the band was an indoor march!  The band formed up behind huge electronic doors and then, as the door rose, the band marched into the auditorium playing “The Pioneers”.  The camera flashes were evidence of the impact the band made as it marched around the edge of the huge auditorium before “settling”, whilst still playing, in front of the top table and then marching the short distance to the stage with the final statement of “When the Saints go marching in”.  Quite an entrance.


A varied programme was then presented including Amazing Grace (arr. Phillips), I vow to Thee My Country (Holst), Swing Hosanna (Watson), Pomp & Circumstance March No. 1 (Elgar), ‘Mid all the Traffic (Ballentine) and Spirit of Joy (Rive).


An evening that was certainly different to our usual festivals, but we never know the impact that we can make through our music, the spoken word and our Christian example.  For most it was then a long drive to London to enjoy the ISB120 celebrations.

Photographs: “Worcestershire Source” Issue 17, Autumn 2011

BCB March into the auditorium.  The report reads “then came the first big surprise of the night - a “secret door” in the wall opened and out marched the Salvation Army Band

“The scene of Splendour” as the caption reads!  The vast space of Hall 3 is filled with thousands who listen to BCB play on the stage (top left)

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