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Brass Band enthusiasts will be well acquainted with the BBC Radio 2 programme “Listen to the Band” with Frank Renton.  The members of the Birmingham Citadel Band were delighted to learn that the band was featured on this week’s programme as Frank Renton played tracks from the latest BCB CD release “Victory for Me!”.


On a programme that featured newly recorded music from the Fodens Band and requested music by Mnozil Brass, BCB was delighted to not only get it’s music played but also to represent Salvation Army brass banding.


Frank Renton decided to use the Stephen Bulla work “Lift Up Your Voice” which is a contemporary arrangement of the melody “St. Francis”.  It was most pleasing to here further support of our new CD and a delight to be on a programme that has, for decades, been renowned for featuring the very best in brass band music.  For BCB to be mentioned in these circles is most humbling.  As always, we give it back to the one who blessed us with the gift of music and pray that through this latest opportunity He will bless our efforts and use what we offer to bless those who hear us.  God bless you all.

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