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BCB hosted it’s 3rd Open Rehearsal and was delighted to welcome a host of guests once more when over 60 people attended our rehearsal.  To have attracted over 200 people to our Open rehearsal initiative over three rehearsals in the space of 12 months is a real encouragement to the band and it has been wonderful to catch up with so many musicians.  Some are former members of our band whilst others are former Salvation Army bandsmen from other parts of the UK.  Then, of course, there are musicians with no link to the Salvation Army but we are delighted that they accepted our invitation to be with the band on this particular Wednesday evening.  Some of our visitors had not played a brass instrument for many years whilst others are very capable players who play regularly.  We have also been delighted to a number of professional musicians to our open rehearsals and we were delighted on this occasion to welcome former CBSO Bass Trombonist Alwyn Green.


Alwyn writes about our Open Rehearsal:


Since deciding to stand down from Army banding in 1986 , I have been, of course, fully occupied musically with a very busy career. However, you can't be an SA bandsman/bandmaster for over twenty-five years without it leaving a void.  I've always kept in touch, especially at my home corps,  Norwich Citadel and have enjoyed playing many solos as a guest of various corps bands, even playing solos on the odd CD and taking the occasional rehearsal.

However, coming to share fellowship at the open night was a wonderful experience for me. The warmth of the welcome and the delight of playing with you all was very special and revived memories of my joy as a bandsman.

The band is playing very well at present and it was a delight to hear you all at Symphony Hall on the day of the British Open. What is even more impressive is the warmth of fellowship and the real Christian message shining through all you do.

I hope to see you all again the next time you have a similar evening. You gave me a huge lift. Thank you all.


We enjoyed unpacking fsoa range of repertoire including the march “One by One”, a new work composed for BCB by Paul Sharman called “Amazed”, th eBallentine swing number “Shall we Gather” and the classic “Resurgam” - there was something for everyone.

We look forward to further Open Rehearsals next year so watch out for details coming soon!

Photos: Graham Daff
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