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Robert Hayward grew up in the Birmingham Citadel corps.  He graduated through the Junior Band and is now part of Birmingham Citadel Band Percussion section.


Robert studied at the Birmingham Conservatoire where he gained a BMus(Hons).  Robert now works for a local music service teaching percussion. 


Robert is YP Bandleader at Birmingham Citadel following a spell as assistant leader.  Robert is also a member of the International Staff Band of the Salvation Army and has served on the staff of the Territorial Music School.

Family: Wife (Edwina), Sons (Oliver and Oscar)

Current Employment: Assistant Head of Service, SIPS Music and Arts Service

Hobbies: Cycling

Favourite Food: Sunday Dinner or Chocolate

Favourite Film: Back to the Future.......every boy’s dream is to drive a GMC Delorean!

Favourite Band Piece: Maccabaeus....great tune and variations with inspiring words associated

Callum White is the eldest son of Salvation Army Officers Majors Steve and Mandy White.  He moved to Birmingham Citadel in May 2004 when his parents became Divisional Director for Evangelism and Divisional Youth Leader respectively.  Callum graduated from the Junior Band and subsequently joined the Birmingham Citadel Band.


Callum recently graduated with a first class honours degree having studied Percussion at the Birmingham Conservatoire.  He also plays percussion in the Household Troops Band.  As well as being an excellent percussionist, Callum is also a talented Cornet player and held the Principal Cornet chair in the Junior Band and the Divisional Youth Band, featuring as soloist on a number of occasions. 

Family: Parents (Steve and Mandy), Sister (Ella) and Brother (Alex)

Current Employment: Teacher and freelance musician

Hobbies: Cooking, Composing, Surfing

Favourite Food: Curry or Toad in the Hole!!

Favourite Film: Hot Fuzz, Bruce Almighty, Evan Almighty

Favourite Band Piece:  Light of the World, Corpus Christi


Bio to follow.

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