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Birmingham Citadel Band enjoy a varied list of commitments throughout the year and feature regularly on BBC Radio.  BBC West Midlands regularly feature the band and BCB have featured on Aled Jones’ Sunday morning Radio 2 show a number of times in recent years, but the band was delighted to be recording for Radio 2‘s “Sunday Half Hour” show.  What made this recording all the more special was the opportunity to collaborate with the Birmingham Citadel Songsters, something which surprisingly doesn’t happen too many times throughout the year.  It was, however, an opportunity for the musical groups of Birmingham Citadel’s church to join forces.

The repertoire for the day was chosen for two specific programmes - one to celebrate the life and service of William and Catherine Booth (founder of the Salvation Army) and a second show to be aired at Harvest time.  “O Boundless Salvation” (“the Founder’s Song”), “Send the Fire” and “Nothing but Thy Blood” were some of the pieces featured whilst William Himes’ setting of “St. Francis” (“All Creatures of our God and King”) brought much delight from the producer of the show, Simon Vivian.  The band and songsters also featured featured the music of Len Ballentine (“Joyful Joyful”) and a small ensemble accompanied the singing of an old song “The Christian Mission” playing from old manuscript parts by Ray Steadman-Allen.

We hope and pray that all that was recorded will be used to extend God’s Kingdom and that those who hear the message on the radio will be challenged by what they hear.

Photos: Graham Daff
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