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Biography to follow.

Ian Dixon is the son of Salvation Army Officers and soldiers at Birmingham Citadel with his wife, Glenda (who is Songster Sergeant), their two children Edward and Joanne, and Grandchildren Jonathan and Christian.


As well as being part of the Baritone section, Ian has also held the position of Birmingham Citadel Band Secretary in the past.


Currently he is the Corps Treasurer at Birmingham Citadel and works for the Salvation Army’s Territorial Headquarters as a Research and Development Manager.


Family: Wife (Glenda) and children (Edward and Joanne)

Current Employment: Salvation Army, Research and Development Manager

Hobbies: Travel

Favourite Food: Good Roast Dinner

Favourite Film: Angels and Demons

Favourite Band Piece: The Present Age

Ben Mateta was born and grew up in a Salvation Army family from Bandalungwa Corps of Kinshasa in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ben played in the Congo Staff Band as one of the youngest members and travelled extensively in Zimbabwe as well as to South Africa for Congress. 

He was a Solo Cornet player in the band and deputy Songster Leader of Bandalungwa Corps.

Ben joined Birmingham Citadel Corps in 2004 and attended Matthew Boulton College where he studied accounting. Ben graduated with honours in Accounting and Finance. 

Ben joined Birmingham Citadel Band on Baritone in 2013.

Hobbies: Football, Gym.
Favourite Food: Fumbua, Makayabu and Kuanga.
Favourite Film: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (Michael Douglas)
Favourite Music Piece: The Trumpet shall sound (from “Messiah” - G.F. Handel)

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