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Birmingham Citadel Band exchanged its usual Thursday evening rehearsal for a concert at St. Margaret’s Church in nearby Erdington.  An appreciative audience gathered to hear the band on an evening when both bandsmen and members of the audience alike were more than a little concerned about travel arrangements due to the petrol shortage.


The evening contained the usual blend of entertainment and spiritual sincerity that audiences at Birmingham CItadel Band concerts have become accustomed to.  The four soloists (Neil Blessett - Horn, Mark Sharman - Trombone, David Taylor - Euphonium and Edward Dixon - Tuba) all brought something different.  From the secular to the sacred and the lyricism to the shear virtuosity, each soloists performed to the highest standard.


Deputy Bandmaster Mark Sharman took the baton for the lively “Shalom” and the evening was a blend of the contemporary and traditional of Salvation Army Band repertoire.  The programme was compered by Bandmaster Lamplough and a poignant thought was given by Chris Wren-Kirkham as a link between “For our Transgressions” and the first half finale “Vitae Aeternum”.


As the audience left the church they were left in no doubt that they had not only enjoyed a concert but also been in the presence of God through the music played.


Photographs:  Graham Daff 




Eine Feste Burg (Andrew Mackereth)

Peace (Ken Downie)


Victory for Me! (Wilfred Heaton)

Tenor Horn Solo: Demelza (Hugh Nash) – Neil Blessett

Ask! (Peter Graham)

Trombone Solo: Somebody Prayed (Peter van der Horden) – Mark Sharman

For Our Transgressions (Morley Calvert)

Vitae Aeternum (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)




The Liberator (George Marshall)

Congregational Song – “Praise to the Lord the Almighty”

Shalom (Erik Silferberg)

Euphonium Solo: Harlequin (Philip Sparke) – David Taylor

Tuba Solo: Bare Necessities (arr. Leigh Baker) – Edward Dixon

The Kingdom Triumphant (Eric Ball)

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