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As another busy year for Birmingham Citadel Band draws to an end the band exchanged it’s weekly rehearsal to give a concert in Sutton Coldfield’s United Reform Church.  The concert, organised by friend of the band Alister Du Plessis, was in aid of the Leprosy Mission and a full hall awaited the band as they took their seats.


There was a lot of new music for the band and it was all well received.  From the opening sounds of the hymn “May Jesus Christ be Praised” to the final bars of “The Liberator”, the large audience enthusiastically received all that the band had to present.  The prolongued applause following “Fire in the Blood” and after the final piece, reflected the enjoyment in the varied programme.


BCB’s soloists were in fine form and between them reflected spiritual sincerity, technical brilliance, beauty of tone and sheer entertainment - something for everyone!

Karen Farmer gave a poignant thought asking the audience “when was the last time you were amazed?”.  This lead into Paul Sharman’s “Amazed!” which uses the words “I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus...” - a suitable answer to Karen’s question.


The audience conveyed many messages of appreciation for the music and the message BCB presented. 

Pictures: Graham Daff




May Jesus Christ Be Praised (Gordon)

Tenor Horn Solo: Green Hill (Bearcroft) Soloist: Neil Blessett

The Golden Pen (Heaton)

Lift up your Voice (Bulla)

Trombone Solo: Somebody Prayed Soloist: Mark Sharman

Amazed! (Sharman) 



Shall We Gather (Ballantine)

Congregational Song: Love Divine, all loves excelling

Shalom (Silfverberg)

Euphonium Solo: Harlequin (Sparke) Soloist: David Taylor

Tuba Solo: The Bare Necessities (arr. Baker) Soloist: Edward Dixon

The Water is Wide (Byles)

Fire in the Blood (Lovatt-Cooper) 

The Liberator (Marshall)

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