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As the coach doors closed at 9.20am and we drove out of the Ibis hotel car park, day 3 of the tour was well and truly underway.


The coach was full of the usual buzz of excitement, expectation and humour as we started our journey to Gruyeres. Snow-topped mountains could be spotted through the mist and clouds  as were the many "chocolate box" chalets dotted across the very lush Swiss countryside.


Gruyeres turned out to be a proper Swiss village located at the foot of the Pre-Alps, known for its picturesque architecture and most importantly Gruyeres cheese.

Unfortunately due to the rather dank weather the planned open-air meeting was not possible however as the rest of the band took the opportunity to sample the delights of the cafes

BCB at Morges

and souvenir shops seven bandsmen did provide a short music interlude to the tourists that were strolling around the main cobbled street.

Our next stop turned out to be possibly one of the highlights so far of the tour for many, a visit to the Cailler chocolate factory where a twenty minute tour conclude with an opportunity to sample the produce. Apparently milk chocolate should have a good dry crack!!


Lunch was at Migros restaurant and then we made our way to Morges, the venue for our evening festival. This turned out to be a small village idyllically located on the edge of Geneva Lake.


On arrival at Temple de Morges it was good, after a busy day, to spend time together in bible study. Steve continued on the theme 'The Body of Christ. He talked about the difficulties of living a life of  Christ and asked each of us to think about the gifts God has given each of us for the purpose of building up his church  and challenged each of us to think how we can use these gifts to build the body of Christ.


Again the band was privileged to end the day playing to full church. The programme contained a variety of music including tour favourites Corpus Christi, March Militaire. Francaise, the euphonium solo Troika Tidy and a first tour performance of Steven Ponsford's The Day of The Lord. The audience was once again hugely appreciative which they showed by the two standing ovations they gave the band


Sale of band CD's was again brisk and once again this allowed me the privilege and opportunity to talk to many folk. I was again touched by the sincerity of their responses and was again left in no doubt that God continues to use Birmingham Citadel Band in a very special way to touch and change the lives of many who attend our festivals and for that I say "thank you Jesus".

Paul Meredith
Bible Study
The body of Christ
READ: Ephesians 4: 7, 11-16
Unity in Diversity

In worship at Zurich Central yesterday we spoke about the diversity of the body. All different parts and yet one body. 

Diversity is the rich essence of the church, we are all part of his church and yet so different. Although each part does not function alike yet they are all important and work together for the same end. Some parts are unseen some are very much in the forefront some are more obvious than others but they are all essential to the effective work of the body. The good news is, we don’t have to be the same, we don’t have to function in the same way but collectively God uses each one of us to build his church.


Texan Pastor Will Davis Jnr says:

“Give Christians permission to be different from you. You’re not the only Christ-follower in the world! Your way of loving Jesus is neither the only way or the best.” 

All of us who are ‘in Christ’ have been called to be disciples of Jesus and to serve in the body of Christ. Our Scripture passage today moves away from unity in Christ (Ephesians 4: 1-6) to ministry in Christ using our gifts to build up the body and glorify the name of Jesus.

‘Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ.’ verse 12

There is no ‘opt out’ clause here, we have a responsibility to serve one another and in so doing strengthen the body. If we choose to withhold the gift God has given to us, this has a significant impact on the well- being of the body.


What part of today’s reading challenged you?

(It can be a verse, a phrase or just a word)


What is God saying to you through this passage?


Thank God that he has given you a spiritual gift



Below is a wordle art reflecting some of the gifts of the Spirit.

1 Corinthians 12:7-10, Romans 12:6-8.

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