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BCB hosted it’s annual rehearsal with a number of visitors joining with us for the first time.  It was also good to see some familiar faces.


The Bandmaster put the augmented band through it’s paces with a variety of repertoire with “something for everyone”.  Playing music such as the new march “Song of Courage” (written by former BCB bandsman Geoff Poulton) and new arrangements from New Zealand of “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” and “The Majesty and Glory of Your Name”. There was also time for “Marche Militaire Francaise” and Peter Graham’s much loved “Shine as the Light”.  A “blast from the past” was “In Quiet Pastures” and it was great to renew musical acquaintances with this piece as well as with former members! 


The open rehearsal has now been a regular feature for the past 4 years since shortly after BM Lamplough took charge of the BCB and this initiative continues to attract vast numbers of brass band enthusiasts.  We were delighted to welcome a band which numbered in excess of 70 players again and we would encourage you to look out for the next one and come along for a great evening of music and conversation.

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