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BCB enjoyed a fabulous weekend in Stowmarket and enjoyed the wonderful preparations that had been made by the hosts from the minute they arrived.


After a fantastic welcome meal the band had the pleasure of performing to a capacity crowd in the beautifully presented modern hall.  The band featured four soloists in Neil Blessett (Horn), Mark Sharman (Trombone), David Taylor (Euphonium) and Edward Dixon (Tuba) and all were in fine form, much to the delight of the audience.  


The band included Salvation Army classics like “The Liberator” alongside contemporary music such as Sam Creamer’s “Faith is the Victory” and Paul Sharman’s “Everlasting Hope”.  The latter was particularly effective with the clear message of “strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow” clearly absorbed by the audience as many spoke of it being particularly poignant at the of the concert.


After a much needed night’s sleep the band returned to lead the Sunday services at Stowmarket.  The service was led by Band Sgt. Ian Kershaw and he featured three of our soloists in three segments: sitting with God, standing with God and walking with God.  Solos from Nicola Redhead (Cornet - “Don’t Doubt Him Now”), Andrew Dickinson (Horn - “Untold Story”) and Craig Hughes (Euphonium - “Shepherd’s Song”) helped to paint a clear and vivid picture for the congregation.


The afternoon festival featured more music from the band a well as music from Stowmarket Songsters.  The band featured two more solos as David Taylor thrilled the audience with Peter Graham’s “Brillante” and Callum White took the audience on a ‘roller-coaster ride’ with “Joyous Rhythm”.  It was a wonderful way to end a fabulous weekend and one that will live long in the memory for BCB.



Saturday 1st November 2014


1.Praise Him! (Stephen Bulla)

2.Horn Solo: You Love Me (Paul Sharman) – Soloist: Neil Blessett

3.The Golden Pen (Wilfred Heaton)

4.Trombone Solo: Blessed Assurance (William Himes) Soloist: Mark Sharman   

5.Vox Dilecti (Downie)

6.Variations on Laudate Dominum (Edward Gregson)  


7.Praising (Erik Silfverberg)

8.Congregational Song: Crown Him with Many Crowns

9.Euphonium Solo: Air n Variations (Stephen Bulla) Soloist: David Taylor

10.Tuba Solo: The Bare Necessities (Leigh Baker)  Soloist: Edward Dixon

11.Faith is the Victory (Sam Creamer)

12.Everlasting Hope (Paul Sharman)

13.Let Everything Praise (Martin Cordner)


14.The Liberator (George Marshall) 



Sunday 2nd November 2014


1.Let There Be Praise (arr. Barrie Gott)

2.Skydance (Martin Cordner)

3.Euphonium Solo: Euphony (Robert Redhead) Soloist: David Taylor

4.Xylophone Solo: Joyous Rhythm (Alford) Soloist: Callum White

5.High and Lifted Up (Steven Ponsford)

6.Light of the World (Dean Goffin)

7.Troops Salute (Paul Sharman)

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